Senior ATE Developer
Tel Aviv
לפני 11 שעות
source : Secret Garden Media Ltd


In this role, you will develop and implement tests for our robots (PLC and Linux based) and develop an ATE framework for data collection.

Your work will include development, outsourcing work to subcontractors and integrating their work into the framework. You will be working continuously improve the testing coverage and cost / benefit ratio, and to squeeze every bit of intelligence from our data, along with our stakeholders (R&D, engineering, data and production teams).

Our team’s motto : We make testers to deliver - not testers, but Reliability


  • Design, develop, debug, document and support SW and HW automation tests of the robots for our production line and for R&D, in various programming languages and work environments.
  • Define and verify test coverage and applicability with stakeholders across the organization.
  • Verify testing trace ability to the product requirements.
  • Define requirements for, manage subcontractors, and integrate their work to existing and new ATEs.
  • Develop, maintain, and upgrade automated test scripts, and database queries to provide actionable intelligence.
  • Become a focal point for the production testing SW, infrastructure and documentation
  • Requirements

  • 5+ years relevant experience, at least 2 of which in a serial production line with ATEs. Advantage to HW related products.
  • Experience with test equipment (i.e., oscilloscope, logic analyzer, etc.)
  • Experience with test development environment (i.e. ATEeasy, LabView, etc.)
  • Education- Relevant degree (EE, CS or exact science)
  • Proven experience in projects combining HW, SW and FW ( maker )
  • Programming skills for writing and debugging test programs (software / hardware) for the embedded development environment in at least 2 of the following :
  • CoDeSys (major advantage)
  • C / #
  • Ability to identify, log, track document and close out SW, hardware, and firmware bugs.
  • Acquaintance with SW version control tools- Advantage
  • Ability to work independently, and to collaborate as part of a team
  • Acquaintance with Verification and Validation methods- advantage
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