Junior Data engineer
Tel Aviv
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About Us

Riskified is the AI platform powering the eCommerce revolution. We use cutting-edge technology, machine-learning algorithms, and behavioral analytics to identify legitimate customers and keep them moving toward checkout.

Merchants use Riskified to increase revenue, prevent fraud, and eliminate customer friction. Riskified has reviewed hundreds of millions of transactions and approved billions of dollars of revenue for merchants across virtually all industries, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Our R&D Team

We are passionate about scale, performance engineering, high availability, robust distributed architecture, and clean code.

As part of our team, you'll have the chance to experience real highly-available architecture and take part in the ongoing efforts to enhance our scale and resilience.

You’ll work with the most advanced technologies and contribute to the creation and maintenance of one of the most interesting and complex products on the market, including :

Our analysis flow, involving a variety of data sources and complex analytical logic, with its high availability and strict SLA requirements Our business applications, meant to serve our customers’ payments teams and their varied use cases Our operational tools, written to maintain an operation of considerable onboarding size and monitor our merchants’ analytical performance

Our culture is fast-paced, empowering, and collaborative. We work together as a department, and also, in smaller teams, enabling each developer to have a significant impact on our product.

Each team member has a high-level of independence and makes important decisions that influence our customers' payment flow and risk management.

About the Role

Riskified is seeking a Junior Data Engineer to join its data applications team.

The team stands in the center of Riskified’s engineering department and plays a crucial part in the scale and resilience of its platform.

From researching new and relevant database technologies to building our production-grade real-time data architecture, the team’s vast array of responsibilities requires a high level of professionalism in a wide technological stack and high attention to details.

This role is a great chance to enter the world of big data and make a significant contribution to our ever-growing organization.

What You'll Be Doing

As a Junior Data Engineer, you will :

  • Own and take responsibility for our production data infrastructure.
  • Be part of a highly professional multi-disciplinary team.
  • Learn a complete stack of big data-related technologies supporting real-time and near-realtime data processing. Our stack is comprised of (but not limited to) : Kafka, ElasticSearch, AWS (including RDS, dynamodb and more managed services), airflow, Kubernetes and more.
  • Develop utilities to automate day to day operations, and serve those utilities as self-service tools to developers.
  • Build diverse mission-critical data-related scheduled tasks, including ongoing & ad-hoc ETL’s, scheduled maintenance tasks, and more.
  • Qualifications

  • BSc in Computer Science / Data Management / Mamram (IDF)
  • At least 1 year of experience in software development (OOP must) and / or relevant DevOps experience
  • Good knowledge of SQL
  • Strong technical skills, self-learner
  • Excellent communication skills
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