RTL AMS Design Engineer
Apple Inc
Haifa, Israel
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Key Qualifications

  • Requires at least 5+ years of industry experience
  • Developing and implementing AMS PHY.
  • Advanced knowledge of standard ASIC verification flows including simulation and testbench development.
  • Knowledge about industry standards and practices in PHY Design, including RTL writing, verification tools of RTL.
  • Deep Understanding of all aspects of PHY construction, Integration and Physical Design.
  • Working knowledge of Extraction and STA methodology and tools.
  • Excellent knowledge of System Verilog, Verilog.
  • Good knowledge of C / C++
  • Experience with either Perl / Tcl scripts.
  • Knowledge of industry standard interfaces and experience with multiple frontend simulators / debuggers.
  • Deep understanding of Design methodology to debug issues at PHY level.
  • A teammate with excellent interpersonal skills and the desire to pursue diverse challenges.
  • Description

    YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE : Participate in the architecture of next generation PHY. RTL implementation of the micro-architecture.

    Participate in clearly defining specification, testing and verification of the PHY design. Work in collaboration with CAD, PD teams to implement RTL design into GDS.

    Run various design verification flow and provide guidelines to other designers. Participate in establishing CAD and design methodologies for correct by construction designs Assist in flow development for PHY integration.

    Education & Experience

    BS.c / MS.c EE or BS.c / MS.c CE

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