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HiredScore brings deeply integrated big data and workforce intelligence solutions to the global Fortune 500. By leveraging data from companies' Human Resources Data ecosystem, HiredScore enables HR departments to automate and augment their hiring process, enriching recruiters' decisions with smart insights and candidate prioritization grades of A, B, C, or D.

HiredScore's Artificial Intelligence Engine uses past company hiring data, global hiring data, and other data sources including labor market data, employee performance data, and CRM data, to revolutionize the end-to-end recruiting workflow as well as integrate seamlessly with other HR Systems such as chatbots, assessment tests, video interviews, and other automation tools.

We work hard at HiredScore, led by the fearless vision of CEO and Founder Athena Karp, to bring to life the next generation of hiring practices and our vision of the Future of Work.

HiredScore's mission is to bring data science into the Human Resources domain. We are looking for strong core engineers to join a small super team in charge of delivering the company’s product line.

The right candidate is a pragmatic end-to-end coder who takes pride in their craftsmanship.


  • Write an opinionated architecture from react components to backend domain-model via local state management & graphql API
  • Taking features / products from inception to specification & implementation while working closely with product
  • Write a testable slick responsive application while focusing on fun developer experience
  • Express yourself and bring your personal experience & knowledge into an agile diverse team (we’re counting on the amazing people to help us grow & adapt)
  • Requirements

  • 6+ years in Software Engineering
  • Diverse skills in different fields of coding / tech (BackEnd, FrontEnd, Databases, Scripting, TechOps etc.)
  • Experience in coding in modern web technologies (Python advantage, RoR, Java, Node JS etc.)
  • Experience in creating software with quality built-in (SOLID, Tests, Separation of Concerns etc.)
  • Knowledge in system architecture and design and building for scale.
  • A love for tech and solving complex problems.
  • An understanding of the complexities of building end to end processes.

  • React / redux / GQL
  • Design / pixel perfect approach
  • DevOps skills
  • Backend experience
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