Senior DevOps Engineer
Akamai Technologies
Tel Aviv, Israel, US
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Akamai is seeking a dynamic DevOps Engineer who is well versed in system, networking, security and would like to work in a high performance, large scale environment.

The DevOps Engineer will be joining the DevOps infra team who is responsible for big data infrastructure, configuration management and deployment automations in Akamai Security engineering group.

We are seeking a person experienced in both system and coding, that have worked in large environments and wants to drive large infrastructure changes.

The team is part of the CSI (Cloud Security Intelligence) engineering group. As part of the DevOps Infrastructure team you will be responsible for different areas of systems development :

  • Designing analyzing and setting up systems, preform performance analysis, seek and integrate new technologies and improving automated processes for system operation.
  • Release process delivery, configuration management, production stability and high availability.
  • Provide tools and procedures for system management by operational teams.
  • Design, create, test and integrate new big data related technologies.
  • Analyze performance and stability issues in both development and production environment.
  • Manage the Development environment automated installation and migration processes.
  • Improve the systems security, performance, monitoring and management.
  • About the group :

    The Web Security group is focused on creating active and analytical tools for securing Akamai’s many customers. Leveraging Akamai's core strengths of its highly distributed cloud based platform, The security tools are exposed to nearly 30% of the global world traffic.

    This massive amount of data allowed the security become industry leading products that provides rapid visibility and controls for protection against constantly changing attack profiles.

    As part of Akamai's Emerging Products Division, you'll be working on innovating and developing new and groundbreaking Big Data products in the largest scale exists with real time needs and world impact.

    Overall experience :

  • 3+ years of operating linux systems
  • 3+ Experience with script language (Strong advantage for Python)
  • 3+ Experience working with configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet, Chef)
  • Advantage - experience with BigData (specifically Hadoop : Cloudera / HotronWorks)
  • Advantage - experience in virtualization (Docker, VmWare, kvm, Ovirt)
  • Advantage - experience in DB, sql and performance tuning
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent problem solving / troubleshooting skill
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