Hysolate Senior Windows Internals Expert
Tel Aviv
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source : Secret Garden Media Ltd


Hysolate is changing the way we think about endpoint security : instead of trying to detect or prevent specific attack vectors from within the OS, we’re re-architecting endpoints so that a breach no longer matters.

For building the core engine of our product, we’re looking for brilliant OS performance gurus, with hands-on experience researching OS performance optimizations and other low-level OS challenges.

You will be responsible for researching, profiling and optimizing our core virtualization engine to meet our ambitious vision.

Most of the research would be Windows-centric, requiring wide experience with OS low-level internals.


  • Broad experience with OS performance-related mechanisms (e.g. CPU scheduling, memory, power, video / audio performance)
  • 3+ years of experience with Windows internals
  • 2+ years of kernel development experience
  • Team player with great interpersonal skills
  • Experience with agile methodology
  • x86 assembly experience advantage
  • Experience writing / tweaking hypervisors advantage
  • Cyber security experience advantage
  • Reverse engineering experience advantage
  • 3D / graphics acceleration experience advantage
  • Network virtualization experience advantage
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